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Outer Life

In Los Angeles we say "CON-troversy," pronouncing both of the "r" sounds. I don't think I've ever heard anyone pronounce it the way you do. Once we heard this guy pronounce it as "con-TRO-versy" which, of course, required us to beat the crap out of him.


Everyone in the Northeast seems to say Con-tro-versee except me. You seem to say it in a similar way to the way I do, but I don't really put much emphasis on the second r.

Mrs. Peperium

How do you say Hahvaahd Yaahd? My parents take baaaths while their children take baths.


Philly-style, controversy is...
..Koncha vers, with the "y" sometimes kicking in and sometimes not. That first "r" never makes the cut.


I bet you picked con-trov-es-see deliberatly.

Nicholas Williams

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