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You'll simply have to convert from an American to a left-wing Dutch vegetarian socialist, that will solve all your health problems.


This is why I have no time for deeper reading. I spend all my time reading food labels and researching the latest name change for MSG. As a rule of thumb if a product has more than five ingredients, I do not buy it. If it has one word that I cannot pronounce, I do not buy it. Our government is happy to allow the food industry to poison us on any level they wish. For instance, if you wish to scare yourself to death, just take the average can of soup off your shelf and research every ingredient. If that isn't fun enough try your tooth paste, or shampoo. Between the Paraben's, Glycol's and the Carageenan, just to name a few, we are being done to death. If they are not full of false estrogen, or carcinogenic, then they are triggers for appetite, shutting off our brain chemistry that tells us when we are full. Our food industry is in bed with our chemical industry, which is supported by our medical industry, so that when you go to the doctor to fix the problem, he just writes up a prescription for more poison.
Could this be because the chemical loving, flower children of the sixties are now in charge?! Pop a pill, smell a flower, you'll stay high, for over an hour.
"Yesterday, life was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide away...
Suddenly I'm not half the man I used to be. There's a shadow hanging over me..."
Well really, I wonder why?! Was it the pink, green, or blue pill you took, or was it the maraschino cherry you ate?! Now there's a little red drop of poison.


Seems to me another argument in favor of drinking oneself to death before the eeeeevil dark cholesterol can whang one over the back of the head with the sock full of wet sand or lead pipe.


If you want to give yourself cold terrors just type into Google, side effects of Simvastatin or Lipitor. What these drugs can do to men, is down right terrifying. So think carefully before taking this option and monitor your vitals, because the little pill of today may be your nightmares of tomorrow.
Take my word for it diet change is not so bad once you get used to it. Just don't believe that soy is better, because it's not.
I can recommend California Rice Bran Oil. It's a high smoke point oil good for cooking and as a salad oil when mixed with white balsalmic vinegar. It has a light nutty flavor and is very healthy for heart patients, being much better even than olive oil. If you can't find it in your local health food store it can be purchased on-line from the company by the same name.


Thought for the day. If everything you say is, "tongue in cheek," how do you chew your food?!

American fez

Did I say "tongue in cheek"? I meant "off the top of my head"


These tiopcs are so confusing but this helped me get the job done.

fitted kitchens

Most people equate cholesterol as bad, but there are good and bad cholesterols. Cholesterol that you get from eggs are good.

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