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Good to hear you are back on your pins, but take it from me, no one truly wants to hear about someone else's problems. Yes at first your friends will make sympathetic noises about how terrible it must have been for you, and how much you were missed...bla,bla,bla, but after the third telling people will begin to skirt you from a distance or look askance when you enter a room. Those who used to share your lunch table will suddenly have deadlines they must meet and you will be left with the hypochondriac's, who don't really care about you, they just want an audience for their own long list of indeterminate ills.
I see from your post that the hypochondriac's have already found you, so go easy my friend, milk it for all its worth, but know that you now walk that fine line between truth and tragedy. Too much of either and you bear the risk of losing your audience and becoming known as just another whiny whinger.


I will just add, I know of what I speak. The bosses son had a stroke, some years ago. When he came back to work, in a somewhat debilitated condition, he chose to follow customers all over the store, speaking incessantly about it. You never in your life saw such looks of sympathy change to looks of furtive uneasiness and after years of it, disgust and hostility. He has been out four months with foot surgery and is due back the first of the month. While I can be as sympathetic as the next person, I am dreading his return. Now the ugly twitching glowerer, armed with his walker, will stalk our customers mercilessly, until they flee the store in disgust, never to return.


Compassion, thou art a fleeting mistress! [or something like this. I think]

Still, I think work is a best medicine. Not from all ills, of course, but of ones that plague me, f.i.


In a word PEACHES! We finally have ripe peaches. I thought they would never be ready. We are a month behind on our peaches this year. Our Valley has just not been warm enough. While the rest of the country scorches we have had nothing but cool, cool weather. My tomato's look like tiny little green balls instead of the big ripe red and juicy fruit they should be and I don't even want to think of how the pears are going if the peaches are this late, we will be picking in the snow and apples are even later still. It's crazy they are picking cherries right now and it is August. I have had to buy peaches this year because Dads tree is still full of small green fruit. I doubt they ripen at all.
All is not bad however, my cucumbers are producing at an alarming rate. I've done 17 quarts of pickles and just couldn't keep up with the vines so have been hauling bag loads of them around to friends. My potato's
tops have already died off which is crazy because they are early. They loved the cool weather. I hear just to the east of us that if the fall rains hold off they will have bumper wheat crops this year.
Now that dear friends is the agricultural report for the "Valley" this week. I hope yours was more interesting and you have enjoyed you time back at work.

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