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I suppose surgery is never routine when it's performed on yourself.


We are truly grateful for your surgeons skill and dexterity, without such, believe me, there is no such thing as a routine operation. You are fortunate in that you had such a professional to depend on. That there are such people who enjoy mucking about in our insides to the betterment of our health somewhat amazes me.
When you trust someone with your life, to go under the knife, you must pray that you do not get one of those left over ghouls from the middle ages with a penchant for rusty knives and dull needles that leaves you with a scar reminiscent of a Freddy Krueger movie. I myself have experienced such a thing. I was assured that the modern procedure for a hysterectomy could now be down with no scar at all. I awoke to the information that I had nearly left this world for lack of blood. That during the, "routine procedure," something had gone very wrong and that the over twelve inch scar was there because, they had, had to go for my guts in a hurry, to find the bleeder. Now don't get me wrong I am very happy to be here, but it's a bit of a shock to the system, I can tell you. That was nearly fifteen years ago and like all things, "This too shall pass." Did I have bad dreams for months afterwards? I really now couldn't say, as I just don't remember. What I can say is that a simple recovery turned into a much more complicated one.
Take it one day at a time Stephen and you'll be right as rain before you know it.

I know! I know!! The BOREDOM! The BOREDOM!! What's to be done with the BOREDOM?!!! This is a Dragon whose slaying is nigh on impossible. It even creeps out suddenly from out the pages of your favorite books. T.V. will not do, even visits from well wishers can make you want to scream. It is no small wonder your mind begins to drift into morbid wanderings, but I say old man, get a grip!!! The mind is a silly thing and you musn't let it get the better of you!


Another day is done, working at the R.A.G. (random access gift)shop (not its true name). My feet are killing me. I really must come up with a better reply to some of the things inane shoppers ask. If you have fifteen of the same scarf in all the colors of the rainbow, they will ask for the one color you don't have and when you say I'm sorry we do not have it in that color, then they want you to special order it, as if you can order just one. Why do they think we have fifteen of the same damn scarf?! We have to buy at least a dozen, one of each color, in order to get the three colors we do want.
The most maddening request however is the persons, and this is frequent, who wish me to remove their price tags. Now it wouldn't be so irritating but they wait until I have their things all wrapped up in tissue and bagged, then they say, "Did you take the price tags off of that?! I wanted to give it as a gift." Why should I remove their price tags for them?! Have they been struck with a sudden malaise that makes them powerless to remove their own price tags?! Walmart doesn't remove price tags, so why should I?! But I am just tired and I am ranting and why should I complain? I am not stuck in recovery limbo, waiting for my body to heal. You would probably be much more patient and certainly more deft with your repartee. HOWL FOR ME WOULD YOU?!!! I must go and do it over again on Monday.

Mia Wolff

a friend wrote once that Death doesn't like to be laughed at and much prefers surprise at his wit...
well I'm all for the laugh, the wit and perhaps the surprise as we don't get to dance aside of that anyways--might as well mix and drink.


As this melancholy (or was it close to sardonic?) post have appeared a whole week ago, and nothing ever since, I started to worry.
Please update.

American fez

My apologies. I recently returned to work (see forthcoming post) hence my lack of input here


Excellent news, my precccious S

red bottom

Very, very nicely done!


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