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I must confess the very first time I read those last stanza's, I was pulled into a dream of a chocolate maid, much like an Easter Bunny, surrounded by a great dome of vanilla ice cream, dripping with honeyed caramel, in a clear crystal bowl, accompanied by the sweet resounding music of a silver spoon hitting glass. Which is what, with the milk of Paradise reference, I was sure, he was referring too, my mind didn't conjure up a honey-dew melon at all.
As to the low fat yogurt, never, never,never, the stuff is nasty. Low fat products are the food industries way of hood winking one into believing they are eating healthier. You would be better off eating deep fried butter or a bowl of sugar straight up. The fat and sugar substitutes in low fat products are far worse.
I would say your best bet is to find a safe place to go for a walk. Even if you can just walk fifteen minutes to start you will be much better off.
Swimming in a public pool is certainly to be avoided, they are either cesspools of disease or chlorinated to the point of poisoning. My son, when he was in grade school, came home from swimming class with athlete's foot and chlorine burns. His dark forest green swim trunks were bleached white. I removed him from the class. So unless you wish to bleach your scar white, I think you should be very happy you never made the mistake of going into a public pool.
The wine, yes, yes that is good. Can I suggest a good book?! 1001 Cocktails, 1001 recipes for the perfect drink by Parragon Publishing. With this as your reference guide you will soon feel so good you will forget all about your troubles.


A Nobel prize should go to the person who finds a way to make the effects of feeling guilty of not excercizing similar to actually excercizing. It feels equally bad as the real thing, so it should be possible.


I used to have a perfect exercise routine while watching t.v., until the doctor said it was just restless leg syndrome. Here I'd been burning thousands of calories with my nervous twitch and he wanted to take my only form of exercise away with a pill. In a word I don't trust doctors worth anything anymore, cause that pill took away one twitch and gave me nausea, headaches,cold sweats, muscle aches, e.d., and a lack of ability to see the color blue, while looking at the sky.
Oh, sorry, as a woman I guess I can't get e.d. and the sky hasn't been blue in Oregon for weeks, but I swear it did all the rest.
This was a paid for hire moment by the lobby against, Pharse Pharmaceuticals.


If someone else is doing your dishes, could that same someone cook you a decent meal and yell at you to go walk on a treadmill?

yes, it's pure self-interest talking: I want to read your blog for years ahead

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Today I feel as fit as a fiddle. In fact I'm checking the pressure in my bike tires.

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Of course, if you don't have a reason, have the party anyway! Just build in a surprise. Live music

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