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It is only natural to be nervous about ones recovery and continued health. The problem arises whenever one puts too much faith in the promises of the chemical industry. The medications alone can make you a, "Nervous Nellie," to the point of paranoia. The important thing is to not turn everything into a worst case scenario. Don't let them win is my motto and if they take away all of your joy of living and replace it with fear and frustration they have won. Think of just one thing you can do that will help you to forget for just one moment that you nearly lost your life. Breath deep and realize that for this one moment in this one day you are alive and for this one moment you can say your heart is doing its job.


Crestor and Lipitor were supposed to fight in the Trojan War, but they overslept and missed the boat.

american fez

The face that unblocked a thousand arteries.


Coincidentally I happened to see Michael Moore's 'Sicko' yesterday on television. It is shocking to learn about the US health care system, even if I already got an idea about it during this summer.

Anyway, I think I can more or less rationally understand how unnerving it must be to have your body fail you all of a sudden, perhaps just because it never did in my case.

american fez

Well, I feel Michael Moore's approach to documentary truth is not always convincing. Having said that, I enjoy his films as films and he is an entertaining personality. Health care provision will always be unsettled issue. there is no panacea, as it were.

american fez

Giric, that is sage advice. Thank you.


The old saying of, "Laugh and the world laughs with you," is apparently no longer relevant. I laughed yesterday and was met with an icy stare of iceberg proportions. Cry and you will be told to suck it up. Under the circumstances I think I will just keep laughing and say, "hang it all," to the mean and belligerent. I am a firm believer in laughter being the best medicine, so find something every day to laugh about, be it a soft snicker or a full blown belly laugh. Just be careful not to hurt yourself in the process.

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