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Mia Wolff

he's back! good.
by which I mean you've got a grip now and are running madly along, the rest of us dragged willingly, askewly with you.

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I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along.


There are worse fates than reading your blog, oh great Fez, and you will soon be so, "up & at um," you won't be muttering and murmuring about your health. The fact you realize your own obsession with talking about it tells me you are well on your way to getting on with your life. Besides you are fortunate in your friends and family and that truly counts for something. Your wit wisdom and twisted humor is a good deal why we continue to stravage along behind you, so ramble on my friend and be content. You are man most blessed.


Besides your euphemistic feet couldn't possibly smell worse than the real medical cannabis growers patch of marijuana, two doors to the west of us.
Oregon, gotta love it.


Oh no, please don't go Twitter on me.
I already lost one blogroll-resident to its devious charms, to my never-diminishing chagrin. Incidentally, his last full-size post is about his stay at the hospital...hmm, what is there in the hospital food that makes people to edit to extreme?


We are de-evolving here. Which is why I refuse to text, twitter, or I.M. I prefer to put some fore-thought into my words as well as speak in full sentences.
But since this is a great place to go off topic I will add by saying that I have a stuffed platypus known as Vladymus. Vlad for short, he is great for wiping off the dust from my lap top.
Have a great day all, I'm off to hunt chanterelle mushrooms. I love the forest this time of year. It rained yesterday and the air is brisk and clean this morning. A great day for a hike in the woods.

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But even those who find these images repulsive can understand that there is satisfaction in seeing a tyrant brought down. Gaddafi, and all he had come to symbolise to the Libyan people, had been reduced to nothing more than a bloated, broken body. Despite objecting to the killing of Gaddafi, Christopher Hitchens, writing for Slate, admits that it is "satisfying to see the cadaver of the monster and be sure that he can't come back".

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154 students - rather than opt up to Division I. Asked about the situation after Friday night's 55-48 win over St. Joseph, Gooden admitted, "I would rather be going for Division I, because I think it's more of a challenge.

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