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I couldn't agree more as flax seed in its natural form will give you diverticulitis and as flour it has concentrated levels of false estrogen which can grow you some very delightful man boobs. I myself cannot digest fish oil in capsule form period. I did however like smoked salmon or brazed steelhead, which my husband was more than happy to catch, which kept me in plenteous supply of natural fish oil. The 55 plus he brought home last year however meant my freezer was so full of fish there was no room for the Christmas turkey. Did I mention I hate fish?! Well you try eating a freezer full of the stuff, not just one year, but many years, you will hate it too.
I also believe that all these, "natural," cures are worthless. My mother was a great believer in all such nostrums and I could tell you any number of horror stories about her pills, potions, and powders. What that stuff could do to the insides of a growing child...shudder!!! Stick to the wine and chocolate. I also recommend a good vodka it cheers the spirit so to speak.


"...sandal-wearing maniacs who hang around Norwegian dockyards trying to squeeze the juice out of dead herrings" hahaha!


You could always move to Oregon and become a pot smoker. Why we have the easiest medical marijuana laws in the country. But to make up for it we have the toughest DMV. I must away this morning to renew my license under the new Oregon DMV Law. I must prove I am an American Citizen. Me whose family literally came on the May Flower in 1620, fought in the Revolution in 1776 and every other war in this Country & came over the Oregon Trail in 1843. This nifty law we've passed is supposed to stop the illegals...Ha Ha Ha they just drive without a license or insurance.
Sorry, I'm venting cause I hate taking a number and standing in line. Tho I will be really tempted to ask the person behind the desk when they came to this country?!
I'd love to hand them a burned disk from my Family Tree Maker program.

american fez

Giric - I am sticking to the chocolate and red wine cure.

Laurent - what has happened to your website???


@American Fez: that weblog hosting service has started a migration project that they thought they would finish within 48 hours, but now has lasted for more than two weeks already. It will come back I believe, but I am VERY happy that I am not an ICT employee there!

Moncler Speichern Online

I'd be interested in hearing. The TOS seems rather clear that it is not unless expressly approved by Amazon. I guess if the library got it in writing then they would be ok.



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Aloe Vera also helps to prevent hair loss, constipation and unpleasant breath. It is useful for fatigue recovery, weight loss, the strengthening of joints and cancer fighting.

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