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I suppose that the current economic state of Greece doesn't look promising when it comes to a quick solution of their ongoing plumbing crisis. (my weblog is STILL offline!)


Jettsetting to Santorini? Glad to hear inflated cost of cardio surgery did not empty your pockets.

Enjoy your goat cheese and honey, and return filled with vitamin D and new stories to tell.


I for one am happy to see you go off and enjoy yourself. There is nothing so healing as a good change of scenery to get the mind off ones woes.
Do they have scorpions, one wonders?! I never liked the whole shaking out the clothes and shoes routine. I much prefer a sunny beach in Hawaii where the English is well spoken and the toilets are American Standard.
As for toilet paper, I much prefer Angel Soft, tho any of the stuff can vary from package to package. We once got a pack that could have been used for light weight sanding of wood finishes and another that had slivers of wood still in it. It was a bit too close to nature for me. Of course some brands are so bad they simply disintegrate on contact leaving the user with a sense of defilement hard to discuss.
Aloha Fez!!! Tell me what is the proper Greek greeting?! I dare you to say Aloha to a Greek.


Dear Fez while you bask in the sun of the Greek Isle's you can think of me, elbow deep in applesauce or if I'm luckier wending my way down a green woodland path picking mushrooms and whistling a merry tune. The last mushroom hunt was a complete bust as we haven't had our usual late summer rains. The road to the mushrooms is an old rocky one with part of it tightly winding along a steep ravine. I promised myself last year I would make, "Himself," stop before we got to that portion of the road but alas we did not, so again I got to experience that white knuckle grip on the dashboard and door handle. Please avoid all such roads in Greece as I hear there are plenty there just like it.
Bon Voyage Mon Ami


I'm just delighted!!! "Himself," just called from his elk camp in the mountains and is on his way home with a gallon of Shaggy Mane mushrooms he picked. This my friends is one of the most delicious mushrooms to be found out here and I am having visions of delicately fried mushrooms in cream sauce.


Thought for the day: "Beware of Geeks bearing Grifts."


I have started my weblog on a new platform: http://betweencontinents.wordpress.com/

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It's really a bummer when bad toilets get in the way of your vacation.

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triumph though it might be, is a direct punch in the flak-jacketed stomachs of all those fans who overpaid for their tickets, spent grocery money and silver face paint, and have had their throats caulked and re-caulked so that they can make their twelve-letter salutes to motherhood heard across a noisy stadium. Like, well, Skullman. Or the Terminator. Or Dougie the Cannibal, or any of the other "Rocky Horror

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I know how you all feel iv been jobless for about 6 monthes, my goal in life is to become a plumber but it seems near to impossible because the plumbing companies are just not hiring.

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