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My own observation here is that my father in-laws three to five pack a day habit greatly contributed to my adult onset asthma. He on the other hand died at 86, still smoking, with not a lick of asthma or cancer in sight. I guess however if I was a Pearl Harbor survivor like he was, I could justify my smoking too. What the newbies excuses are I can't understand. After all Uncle Sam and the Tobacco industry were such buddies they gave cigarettes away to the G.I's for free.
Have you ever noticed how much clean air one cigarette can pollute?! The smokers all line up outside our store so I have to hold my breath, to run the gauntlet, just to go to work. One whiff and I am suffocated.


I'll never forget a demonstration in a chemistry class at high school, where they put a (filter!) cigarette in a transparent box filled with cotton balls. How quickly they all turned brown!

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