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My father's report of our vacation in Greece in 1984 at his work was that it mainly consisted of climbing an improbable amount of steps, only to have a look at some pile of ancient rubble. He was almost sixty by that time, though.

But, like his mother, he never let his real experiences spoil a good story.

Do they still serve that really weird tasting Greek coffee? (last time I was there was in 1990)

american fez

Yes, they do still serve Greek coffee; but you have to ask for it by name, otherwise you'll be brought a more conventional brew.


How can Greeks have clogged arteries and chest pains if they diet on divine greenish olive oil, occasional lamb, goat cheese and honey? The Greek Greeks, anyway - I don't mean the American variety.

Glad to see you safely back, and even having managed a climb of Acropolis. Just tell us - was it worth the agony?

Mia Wolff

I went to Greece with a bad knee, a cane, and the company of my then teen-aged son. I almost didn't go, but it became one of the best trips I've ever taken. Every step was worth it.....I stood in Agamemnon's ruined palace in a foam of spring flowers and thought that maybe everything else Homer wrote of was true.


Welcome home Fez, great to sleep once more in your own bed isn't it?! Nice pic of the Parthenon by the way. As to that photo on the right I thought at first it was a cave with a stalagmite in it, but it was your x-ray instead. I can see by your wiring that surgeons are not master tailors are they?! That stitching is some of the worse I've ever seen. It looks like Baby's first attempt at lacing his shoe.


you too can be a magnificent ruin.


Those wires look a bit random. But perhaps it is art.

american fez

Yes, that's what I thought too

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