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O.K. how did you know what happened to me?!
Was in an accident,got a bruised heart, broken clavicle, torn ribs. Docs wouldn't do x-rays or mri. Instead when heart wigged out, they said I had a heart condition. Put me on three different heart meds, this caused blackouts and kicked up seizures, so they said I had a seizure disorder, three types of seizure meds followed. By this time I was having all kinds of crazy symptoms. Couldn't sleep so next came the sleeping pills, anxiety pills, pills to combat the nausia. In short they nearly pilled me into the cemetery. I have been free of doctors and their pills for 15 years. End result I will be histamine reactive for the rest of my life. A simple whiff of the wrong perfume, a cigarette, a food ingredient, and yours truly is left trying to suck air through a fast closing windpipe.You should see me when I travel. I have to carry a respirator mask, just to get through the airport and plane ride. Always praying of course security doesn't think I'm a terrorist.

american fez

I'm sure security doesn't - but you never know with the over-zealous types these days


Well it does get interesting explaining to each new flight crew what the silly mask is for. I react to the bathroom chemicals, so that after an hour or two into the flight, when everyone uses the loo and they've recirculated the fumes to the entire plane, I get to look like an exterminator.
I found this out while on a flight to Hawaii. You wouldn't believe the crew on Hawaiian Air. When I had to use the loo they closed off the entire back end of the plane, closed the back bathrooms to other passengers, aired out one bathroom, removed all the chemicals they could, and stood guard in case I passed out. On the return flight would you believe I got the same crew?! They remembered me and had even written a report to the head of the airline. I had found a mask while on the Big Island and they were delighted and wanted to know where to get some to put on the plane in case some other passengers had the same problem.
Fortunately I am not without recourse, I take magnesium powder, it gives immediate relief. It comes in little individual packets and looks much like cocaine, hope no one thinks I'm a drug smuggler. Snort that stuff up your nose and it will give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "feel the burn."


Having said all this, life is a delight!!! My daughter came back from her doctor last evening with the first scanned image of our second grandchild. Her first is a live wire, so it will be interesting to see what the second is like.

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