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I come to Fez for the writing and stay for the writing.


Haha, brilliant article!


I truly believe you have outdone yourself this time. The Tales, Trails, and Trials of S.B. should be your next book title. At least you didn't get arrested and dragged off in cuffs, like that poor couple in Honolulu who dared to eat a five dollar sandwich and forget to pay pathetic Safeway. I didn't think you could be incarcerated for five dollars in this country, but I stand corrected.
Your article triggered a thought, maybe in Salem they were burning witches as cheap fuel to warm their apple orchards?! You know much like we still smudge here in the spring. Maybe they were just using witchcraft as a cover story and they really were doing it as a source of cheap heat. Tho I've always thought the Puritans hung out around Salem and Boston because it more closely resembled the miserable weather in England. Never mind the burn, how do you stay warm in the winter?


I apologize to anyone who may have thought that last comment insensitive. I want to howl. Fez must range up hill and down to take care of his condition and I must sit with my foot up. For an active person such as myself this is torture. It seems I have torn a muscle, the one that runs under my right heel. How this was done, is too foolish to even tell. I will confess I did it clear back in April and have refused to see the doctor on grounds that it would mend itself, well it didn't. Now I have to spend six weeks with a nasty cludge of a brace on my leg. Fortunately I am still allowed to walk on it at work but must take breaks. The physical therapy is truly a pain. It consists of stretching exercises and running a pointed knobby ball under my foot and heel. The first time I thought I would make fingernail marks in the ceiling. I am assured this will help it heal. I wonder if medieval torturer's were really just physical therapists in training?!


O.K. Fez if you can confess to the lack of profundity of your case, I guess I can tell my foolish story. Here goes:
1.Airline crushes sandal in suitcase, with forklift. Internal heel support destroyed, but not detected.
2. In April wear broken sandal all day while setting up daughters yarn festival in local hotel.
3.Right heel pressed into hole in heel tears muscle.
4.Months of pain, swelling, nothing helps.
5.Finally go to doctor. Have tendinitis, true diagnosis name longer and not pronounceable,x-rays follow.
6.Hospital calls says just arthritis from my age. What the *&%#?
I feel stupid, but hey I'm not as stupid as that x-ray tech. Arthritis, really?! From a hole in your shoe?!
Moral: If you have a hole in your shoe, don't wear it, sue the airline, for damaging your luggage.


I'm very sorry, for what I said about the accused in Salem. They were not burned, they were hanged. I shouldn't say snarky facetious things. Did I say my foot hurts?!
Some of the witch trial testimony is really crazy. The things people believed?! How nuts was that?!

American fez

Many, many people believe the same sorts of things today: the nonsense spoken by politicians, for example, which often has worse consequences than a few hanged witches. I hope your foot gets better.


Thanks Stephen, "An ounce of sympathy is worth a pound of therapy." I hope you are feeling better as well.


A Ghosts Prayer by Giric
The flags flew, the crowds grew,
the soldiers marched in step.
They'd gathered there, to say a prayer,
for all of those who slept.
The honor guard, with visage hard,
fired their weapons true.
The black hard wall, reflected all,
the names as emblems do.
The music played, a chaplain prayed,
a dedication prayer.
We solemnly commemorate, the dead here in our care.
A Ghost stood by, and heaved a sigh,
his name was on the wall.
Would mankind never stop the wars,
that led up to his fall?
Stop dedicating monuments,
to all the boys who fell.
Instead take all the warmongers,
and send them all to hell!

In honor of Veterans Day


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Well done arcitle that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.


In the olden days, people worked hard because the luxurious life was not available. Still people in the rural parts work hard to earn and fulfill their little desires. If we don't do any types of physical activities, we should go to fitness center to build up the muscles. Somehow, we need to burn the calories. Otherwise it would turn into fat.

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