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'After all, eating other people's food is how the first Thanksgiving was celebrated, so my parasitism had a certain air of authenticity.
I never thought of it that way, I have to admit.

Then again, we Dutch of course don't celebrate Thanksgiving because there was no one to give thanks to when the first men stumbled on this land, aghast at the cold, swampy river delta that nowadays is called the Netherlands and from then on would be their habitat.

Lesa L. Hanners

1.Field run, kosher turkey non injected with liquid soy protein isolate. Just processed with salt water.
2.Thaw bird three days in advance, inject with brown rice oil and lemon salt, rub outside with lemon salt, stuff cavity with rosemary, refrigerate.
3.Thanksgiving morning remove bird from fridge, bring to nearly room temperature.
4.Place bird in steel cook pan on its breast not its back.
5.Heat oven to 425, cook bird for 30 to 45 minutes at this temperature, then lower heat to 390. This will cook bird quicker and seal in moisture.
5.Cook until meat thermometer reads proper temperature for poultry.
6.Remove turkey from oven and let rest for 30 minutes, slice and serve.
If this does not turn out well, pour yourself a glass of drambuie, drink and relax.
P.S.I used to raise my own turkeys, problem was they grew so big they wouldn't fit in the stove in one piece. They were however very tasty.


Recipe correction, cooked bird at 425 entire time, forgot to turn it down, it turned out perfect. Removed from oven when thermometer temperature came up to 175. Let rest for 30 minutes, sliced and served, to a very happy crowd. I hope all of you had a wonderful turkey day.


Tofu has its own set of risks.


Funny post, funny comments. I love this place.

american fez

it/they have their moments, to be sure.

american fez

Exploded tofu is the only kind that is edible. You just need to make sure it explodes before you put it in your mouth.

american fez

Thank you for the recipe, L.
Frankly, I think it's always easier to hire a chef.

fitted kitchens

"eating other people's food is how the first Thanksgiving was celebrated" - hey I didn't know this=) I guess thanksgiving is the best time to be a parasite.


says Swig. One party found its raison d'etre in a Bill Blass dress. "I had my first luncheon at the penthouse in my wedding dress,

bedroom furniture

great man :D

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