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'and your interlocutor will simply assume that you are in the preliminary stages of belching up an entire haggis.' hahahaha!


I never cease to admire your verbal bric-a-brac. It is so voluminous. A fine flummery, rapped up in a bibelot of a bagatelle.


Hurle Gurgnon looked down at his feet in shame. "You ought to be horse whipped," his father said. When I send you to do a job I expect it to be done and done properly. A defiant look came into Hurle's eyes and he gave his father a brazen look and said, "You don't know Spit." Maybe not, was his father rejoinder, but I know his father.


I'm sorry but Hurle Gurgnon sounded to me like a surly youth of about twenty stone, who couldn't find his way out of a feed sack with holes. But he had a mouth, oh yes he did, and he thought he knew how to use it. How the horse was going to whip him I haven't figured out?!


I suppose superannuated bilious effluvium, is easier said as just, "Old Fart," but somehow it just seems so crude.
Thus for lack of a better word, the sentence was tortured.


Fez you have hit upon the perfect word, for not only does it suit as an expletive, it also sounds exactly like my son in-laws evacuation of his stomach contents. Therein lies a tale.
I received an emergency call from my daughter day before yesterday informing me that her husband was so ill that he was on the side of the freeway in his car and too ill to travel further. I was closer so could I go get him?! Well to make a long story short I found him as she described and brought him home to my house and she met me there. A sicker fellow you couldn't have met. He had a serious case of Hurlegurgnon, and I kid you not. So that you don't worry he is better and sure to make a full recovery. We think he was possibly poisoned by some water from a water cooler at work, or it could have been food. A couple of bottles of charcoal in his water, a round or two of Hurlegurgnon and he started mending.
I myself could have lived without the stress and excitement, the full details of which are too many to enumerate here.

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