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Isn't it funny how every generation has its fringe group that so wants to be different. In trying so hard they just come off as being foolish. It's just another mask to hide behind. The same insecurity fed nonsense. The fear that should they die they would be no more than someone pulling their finger out of a bucket of water. The ripple is small and lasts for but a moment and is gone. What has all of it accomplished? Nothing. It doesn't make the world a better place, it doesn't see the beauty in a blade of grass or a glowing sunrise, it feeds the darkness when all around is light.
Besides it isn't anything new, they've been wearing horns and piercing themselves in Borneo for centuries.


If that last post sounded mean, I am sorry. My car has been buried under a foot of snow and ice for over two weeks, so I am house bound and going stir crazy. Welcome to January in the Pacific Northwest.

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I was in Olympia recently. I don't know how people can stand the winter months over there.

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will be turning to his right and seeing Phil and Deirdre Pfannenstiehl of Gilroy and their three kids, Brent, Lauren and Pookie, fresh from a heart-stirring Episcopal service and thumbing quietly through the program. And Skullman will have a mental choice to make, namely

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