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Well, that last advice actually goes for any gift certificate. It's just money that can't be spent on something you choose freely.


It sounds to me as if she has read the collected works of Captain Obvious, a three part volume of diminutive stature, but a must read for all clairvoyants. It might be more helpful to gift her such tomes as the Astadhyayi of Panini or the Dionysius Thrax. At least she would converse with better diction and syntax.

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But surely a gypsy fortune teller with good diction would be obviously inauthentic?!


ilding blocks for Ludwig. There used to be a extrava juice in preparation for the Yuletide Sängerkrieox of tin soldiers for Otto, a box of tin soldiers for Wolfgang, a box of tin soldiers for Franz, and fairy-tale Alpine fortress themed wooden bug. The Grand Duchess, hidden deep in a sable coat, is supervising the wrapping of presents in the privy council chambers: there is a b

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"Well, that last advice actually goes for any gift certificate. It's just money that can't be spent on something you choose freely." - that's why I always prefer cash gifts. People appreciate it better=)

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hubba material was on hand, mostly for the women and the gay guys to glom onto, what with Roger Craig doffing his T-shirt as birthday boy Gavin Newsom (he'll be 30 on Friday) urged the bidders upwards

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