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Wyndham Lewis called Gertrude Stein's prose "a cold, black, suet-pudding".

american fez

His own prose was a prune meringue - except 'Blasting and Bombardeering,' which is a chocolate cake.


Ha ha.


Perhaps it would help if you'd consider dessert as the encore of the concert, rather than as the grand finale, by which time you were getting tired anyway and would prefer to catch a bus earlier.

american fez

The problem is: I really consider dessert to be the prelude to the concert. Fortunately, the title "pudding" can be applied to both dessert and non-dessert foodstuffs. So I can have a three course meal of pudding, pudding and pudding.


Could you imagine a soybean curd based pudding?! Shudder!!! We are not talking phoney yellow Jell-o with vanilla wafers here. One yearns for the gastronomic choices of yesteryear. The ancient Boudin, the English Black Pudding, the Cumberland Hackin, or the haggis and mealy puddings of Scotland. But then given our modern lack of exercise we would soon have the girth of Henry VIII. Which begs the question, was Winston following his doctors instructions?
Your choice of fruit and nuts sounds more like a nasty Waldorf salad, minus the mayonnaise of course.

american fez

it seems unlikely that WC would follow instructions from anyone. he was most probably being disagreeable to some poor lackey for the sake of being disagreeable and bad tempered.


WC is a bit hardheaded alright.

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