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And here I was yesterday moaning to my son about our being locked in ice so having to run up and down three flights of stairs in our house for exercise. I can tell you one thing winter can sure put on the pounds, my friend, especially when you get snowed in. But after reading your sad missive I will stop feeling sorry for myself and suck it up.
My method of stretching is to sit in my office chair and bend over and touch the floor, that way I don't put too much strain on an old disk injury in my lower back, I cannot do situps. I also pull myself across my office in my chair, this works my legs and core. Dance, Dance Revolution, and Wii Fit, does the rest.
I am sorely out of shape.
My husband is 60 and tho 8 years older, than myself, can run circles around me. He gets his exercise by hunting the mighty salmon along our rivers, traversing trails a mountain goat would shiver at. He also bow hunts and so yesterday in the snow and ice he went out to the bow range, which is twenty miles up into the weeds and tromped the range. I love the man, but he is a complete fiddle foot. He couldn't stand still unless you nailed his feet to the floor. He has made a study of fiddle footery and is a master at it.
Good luck with your workouts, may it be everything you hope it will be. Because if you have to be in pain, it better be to some benefit.



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