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You're talking amateurs but what about the, "so called," professionals?!I have often wondered when these old farts will just stop?! We are lucky Elvis died or no doubt we would be watching him flap his fat in concert until his depends fell off and his false teeth fell out. Talk about the torture of the damned.

american fez

You have a good point there. Anyone over the age of twenty-nine should stop playing rock or pop music. Mind you, I think most people should stop playing rock or pop music


My favorites are now just caricatures of themselves. Mick Jagger looks and sounds like a Wraith. The Beach Boys look like wrinkled old Pillsbury Dough Boys, who should go back to calling themselves the, "Pendletones," plaid shirts and all, and Peter, Paul, and Mary should get a free ride to the nearest nursing home, and stop puffing the old dragon. It's so sad.


I AM a balding guitarist but I don't wear funky hats.


Balding is fine, just as long as you are not stuck between Rock and an old hairpiece.

american fez

Everything is balding, Laurent. It's good to not wear funky hats. (That was a reference to my friend who wears some sort of pork pie hat thing on stage and looks ridiculous, although he doesn't think so)


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