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Well you could make your own music. You can always build a drum, which fits the castaway theme or you could try to make one of those silly coconut things, made with a half coconut, some wood, wire, and flattened out horse shoe nails. I just hope, if you do, that the island is large, so if you sound like sick cats wailing, we can move to the other side.
I think your hand cranked Victrola a great idea. Most deserted islands don't come with electricity. Tho lugging one of those heavy things around could be problematic.


By the the side of the road. I mean, by the way. Happy St. Pats.


I'd prefer a guitar and a very large supply of spare strings.
I wonder what I would find worse, to be stuck on such an island alone or with some person I didn't get to choose. The latter can already become a grind with colleagues you only have to spend part of the day with.


Here I sit, my thoughts as grey as the sky overhead. What to do with all of those worthless disks on my elctricity-less island? I know I'll cover them with sticky paper and use them for coffee coasters or maybe reflectors for a solar oven or tie them together for a privacy screen or use them as mirrors to signal a passing ship or plane?!
Upon rescue I am arrested for abusive use of copy written material.

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