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First of all, congratulations on your milestone bicycle ride. Did you ever think you would do that again?! I bet not.
My only wish is that you had put on a camera helmet and recorded it all, because I would love to see something like that for stationary bike graphics, than all those endless "cg" hills, with no thrills.
What an adventure,"All's well that ends well."


A plucky cyclist on the road was bent,
Upon adventure unknown and profound.
A ramble providence had clearly sent,
And so he took his ride upon new ground.
But soon he found himself in quite a fix,
A land not full of wonder but of mire.
Now providence can sure be full of tricks,
And not the dream you will at all desire.
He looked and low a cyclops in his path,
In fear he wavered. Was this his last day?
But low it self destructed as he watched,
So smiling he went forward on his way.

Not epic but the best I could do on short notice. Your descriptive powers are amazing.


To that famous person, now deceased, who first said, "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself." I say, he never had to deal with umpteen children on various and sundry modes of transportation, with less than optimum skill levels, careening down the street at break neck speeds. Screeching banshee's have nothing on these guys. It doesn't seem to matter to them that our street ends in a thirty foot drop into a craterous hole full of dead tree's and brambles.

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