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It's the only thing about my seizure disorder I appreciate. I cannot be called up for jury duty. I can thank that horse riding accident, from when I was four, every day.
Funny thing, nobody wants to see someone suddenly start twitching in the jury box, or deliberation room. Tho believe me it might be the only excitement, during the trial, you ever get.


That is such a foreign concept to me as a Dutchman, a jury (although it exists in Belgium, just 20 miles away, as well). How odd to have to, as you say it, pass judgement over someone else.

I always felt it was highly questionable to leave the guilty-not guilty question to a bunch of laymen, until I read that the accuracy of establishing the truth doesn't differ much between professional judges or juries.


I love democracy in this country, if you refuse to do jury duty, without a good enough reason, they will arrest you as a criminal.


"two scaly advocates", heh.


I loved to be on the jury. The first day.
After a week of squabbling, trying to get through fecal matter that passes for brains in some jurors' heads, listening to same tapes over and over again, seeing the same smirking perp day after day and his victims - who were violated again, time after time, by being poked with painful questions on the stand - I started hating it. Add to the fact that there were two lawyers on the jury (as members of the public], who muddied the waters as much as they could - and realization that I am losing a week's pay - well, you should be grateful you only lost a few hours of your life.

At least I was satisfied that the guy was given a jail sentence.


Giric, hence the word "duty" next to 'jury". D'oh.


Thanks Tat for the gentle reminder. A branch of my family came to this country round about 1620 and just for a moment I forgot how meaner it was back in the day. At least we don't drown witches anymore, do we?!


I hear, in 1620 they didn't want Freedom For All, they wanted Freedom For Their Own To Do and Believe What They Wish. The "abused" syndrome": as soon as they flee the abuser, they imitate him in their dealings with "the other".
So in this regard, yeah, a tedious jury duty is a small price to pay to get [relatively] equal treatment for all under the Law.

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