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In 1951 aliens resembling "huge stalks of metallic asparagus" abducted Fred Reagan and cured his cancer. Reagan died in 1952 from "degeneration of the brain tissue due to extreme atomic radiation", probably emitted by the engines of his abductor's rectangular shaped UFO.

Reagan's experience clearly is the inspiration for the abduction depicted in the 1954 movie Killers from Space, but it wasn't publicized until 1969, which strongly indicates the government or persons within the government had a hand in Killers from Space.

American fez

I have been unreliably informed that radioactive asparagus is somewhere near the top of the Pentagon's food pyramid


I've always thought to be a politician you must first be an alien,as they all follow the same pattern. Say whatever it takes to get into office, then screw the American people any way that you can.

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time we've been No. 1," he said, "and Hombres Chaquetas Belstaff we've got to get over that. There will be more challenges coming ahead. Everyone

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