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Or like Jerry Seinfeld said 'I hate the specials, I don't want to know about the specials, if they were so special they'd be on the menu"

american fez

Yes. Specials are undoubtedly the chef's method of getting rid of things that have been in the freezer too long.


You forgot about the roaches so friendly they've been hired as waiters.


Speaking of lousy dining, I once had a, "hovering yank-myster," snatch a plate away from me as my last bite of food was ascending to my mouth. Then when I didn't immediately get up and leave, the self same fool kept coming by to see if I wanted to order some desert. When I kept replying no, he came and began clearing my table away while I was sitting there, commenting the while on how busy they were and needed the table. This was bull. The place was almost empty, and I knew why. The jerk was driving people off.

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ran ban wayfarer

kids get into it because they know you have something else going on. Sometimes I wear my team jacket at school. Maybe it will inspire kids

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