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Sounds like someone kicked the, "Shiver Tree,"
as my grandma used to say.
Perhaps instead of playing busks, they should have stayed at home, stitching busks with bodkins.


The Busk
by Giric

Tis I, Dim Nimbus, in vain attempts to squander solemn page. Do burst forth with wit and sagacity. Think ye, 'tis but a foolish wag?! Nay not so, but one of nimble wit, doth so address the heap of mental chaff, it may not settle ye anon, but try I must to tease and tempt and wheeze, so that I, by length of my discourse, may cause simple minds to seize. The grandest thing to hold the noble breast, may part in twain, when even of the best.


The one musical role you cannot perform in an air-version is that of conductor. Or you should define conducting an invisible orchestra in your living room as airconducting. An airsinger would be someone playbacking.


Pray thee, Wither Twisp, what tis that racket so early upon this morn?!
Nay, tis nothing my Lord. Tis just old Flacid, the minstrel, beating his heir, Lute. I say, off with his head then, Wither Twisp, off with his head! His exertions have destroyed my noble piece, said Lord Frump Bottom, as he turned once more to his vellum of music. Amateurs, he muttered, what amateurs...


Say, would a Punnery Nunnery be full of bad habits?


Thou sayest boldly, "Get thee to a Punnery!" Thus I have got, alas tis all down hill from here.

american fez

Since I very much enjoy puns I'd have to say "no."


I tried to find a picture of an Elizabethan playing air lute and came up empty, but I did find a picture of Proust playing air banjolele on a tennis racket:


american fez

Proust would never play a real instrument - too many germs

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