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"Don't you know you can follow the arrows and if you are really good you can find all of the short cuts across the departments," said my daughter, who is under thirty and loves IKEA, as we wandered vaguely through yet another isle. She who has gotten rid of all of the antique furniture given to her by her grandmother and myself. Delicate pie crust tables have been replaced by white plastic coated punk board. Curly maple coffee tables have been dumped at Good Will and replaced with faux birch end tables. Her house design from IKEA looks much like a college dorm room. She smiles as she brags about her latest acquisitions, and what she hopes to pickup today. Furniture that has been passed down in the family for over a hundred years is snubbed as rubbish and is now replaced with junk that won't last six years. What the ....?
Did I mention the smell?! Enough industrial chemical off-gassing to kill a horse. Just saying, if you have any tendencies to good taste, asthma, or claustrophobia, you'd better avoid,I K.ill E.very A.merican store.
So what in the Sam Hill were you doing in there in the first place Fez?! That is no place for a man of your talents. I got roped in by my daughter and will never make that mistake again. Eeeegads, it was the worst experience of my life.


By the way, today is my thirty third wedding anniversary, and four days ago, that self same daughter brought me a grand-daughter. I guess that makes a pretty good present. Now if I could just get her to kick the IKEA habit.

american fez

Congratulations on your anniversary and grandchild!
I was in IKEA to buy storage boxes and organizers for the basement. I don't much care for their furniture.

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