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It sounds a bit scary. I hope he doesn't show up at your office door during working hours.

I find all that paranormal stuff really boring these days. Like you, in my youth I wished there was something real and mysterious in it, but 80 years without a visitation or extra-sensory message have me convinced that it is all BS.

american fez

Well, yes, the paranormal is all BS - but at least its amusing BS!


We lived in a house, when I was growing up, that the doors would creak open or close all by themselves, we knew that it was because the house was old. It was two stories high, without a foundation, and had settled so bad at the back that there was an eight inch drop between the front door and the kitchen, but you wouldn't believe how it used to freak out our friends that came to spend the night. It also made the best noises whenever the wind blew, which was nearly always,due to the single pane windows that half the putty had fallen out of, making them rattle and whistle in the wind. Put that together with the fact our woods had cougars and you had all of the ingredients for some very entertaining evenings. More than one of our friends went home with stories of how our house was haunted and that they heard a woman scream in the night like she was being murdered. We could have enlightened them, as to the source, but where would be the fun in that?!
If you've never heard a cougar scream, you haven't lived. Even when you know what it is, it makes your hair stand on end.
I would have loved to have been visited by those knucklehead t.v. ghost hunters, back in the day, we could have scared the spit out of them.

american fez

Glad to say that I've never heard a cougar scream!

Louboutin UK

Glad to say that I've never heard a cougar scream!

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