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Well frankly I blame Emma Lazarus and her winning poem for the Statue of Liberty contest. What did you expect with such a entry?! I quote it in part..."Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." which is all well and good if it had ended right there, but no it wasn't enough for her, she continued, "The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me"... Well now that we have them who is going to pay for all of their upkeep?! I want to know why she didn't ask for them to send a few more problem solvers and civic minded, to help out with the, "wretched refuse"?!
As to joggers, a study found that you will add exactly five years to your life if you jog, but if you add up your time spent, you will have jogged exactly five years. So ask yourself, do you want to spend five years jogging?! Personally I think of them as, "moving violations".
As to the towering man made edifice, while interesting to look at, could hardly be the dwelling place of an entity that engulfs the universe. Besides He clearly said himself he prefers to walk in gardens in the cool of an evening...
...nor does he dwell in temples made with hands... Not sure when man decided on God containment buildings?! They should have worked more on the, "huddled masses". Just saying...

C. Van Carter

More pictures of orange netting, please.

american fez

I was attempting - and obviously failing - to reproduce a Lloyd Mintern style photograph


I suppose the jogger was venting some kind of generalized hostility. Once many years ago I was walking on the sidewalk in a black section of Atlanta. As I was passed by a group of strolling black men I suddenly found myself, wind almost knocked out, on the ground. The body block was so swift and astonishing that when I picked myself up and looked back I couldn't tell who had hit me.

american fez

That's a terrible experience. This guy was just ignorant rather than vicious.

ran ban wayfarer

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