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So tell us Fez. How did you get to your hotel? Inquiring minds want to know. One wonders how far it is to walk?
Have you ever tried the Honolulu airport?! You will always come off your flight at the farthest point possible from you connecting flight to another Island and be made to wander in utter bewilderment as to which shuttle you should get on. On return you will be left to stare through the windows of the air-conditioned airport, while standing in the hot sun outside while the lazy oafs inside decide when they will open the doors for the passengers of the morning flights. If that isn't enough the people then crowd all around the counters blocking the only access to the chairs so that you get to stand for two hours before embarking.
Honolulu does not practice Aloha. It is one of the rudest places I have experienced in my travels and I wish they would put in a direct flight to Hilo so that I could avoid it altogether.


By the way, while you sip your mai-tai's and dabble you feet in the soft sand you can think of me peeling pears and sweating over a hot canner, that ought to make you feel better about that danged shuttle service.
Happy travels

Mia Wolff

browned man on the pink sand
brain melt


The brain slows in the 9th decade. I lingered a while over "isoscelesian confines". But eventually, slowly, it came to me. All this, nicely done. I think I might like Bermuda.

Have fun and write more.

american fez

How did we get to the hotel? Taxi cab.


Well I know that wasn't free, but I hope the pink sand and beautiful views of the ocean, made it worth it.

Airport Bus

The airport shuttle service is better compared in the US. But still a bit expensive, which is okay.

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