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Well that IS a spectacularly beautiful beach!

american fez

It's called Horseshoe Bay beach, if I remember correctly.

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I never cease to admire your verbal bric-a-brac. It is so voluminous. A fine flummery, rapped up in a bibelot of a bagatelle. Thanks for this nice post.


After listening to the Whistling Frogs on youtube, I was reminded of the Coqui Frogs in Hawaii. Something tells me that they are either one and the same or are very closely related. There are only two camps in Hawaii, those who love the sound of Coqui's and those who hate them. I myself love the sound of them and they helped me go right to sleep. They beat the tar out of the sound our Pacific Tree Frogs make. Now there's a sound that will keep you awake at night.
Love the picture and hope you had a grand time. I myself live in an aching cold winter clime and am planning on an early retirement to Hawaii.


"traveling via dog-sled rather than on a surf board..." haha.

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Well that IS a spectacularly beautiful beach!

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