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I get so depressed in election years. We have enough to worry about in this country without the endless drivel from the candidates and then the droning of the self important talking heads who re-cap, and re-cap, and re-cap, and pick apart their every word until I want to scream. Frankly I am sick to death of it. Right now I am locked in my house with the windows shut and the doors taped shut because our beautiful Pacific Northwest, and our lovely Valley is burning down, the smoke is so thick you can't see a mile.
If the Presidential Candidates wanted to impress me they would come here and fight fire and relieve some of our valiant firemen who have been fighting now 24 hrs a day, seven days a week for nearly two months, with still no end in sight. Thanks to the Tree Hugger's and Eco Natzi's policies, our forests are full of beetle ridden dead tree's and dry underbrush. It is now all going up in flames with some of our fires burning well over 100,000 acres. Somehow when you can't breath, who is running for President doesn't really seem to matter.
If you want to see just how bad it is for us just go to inciweb.org and look at their fire map for the West or type in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. We are burning down, with more fires starting every day. The closest one to me is less than four miles away and barely contained.


The fire closest to me is called the milepost 66 fire, Hood River, Oregon. There are some pretty awesome pictures of it posted on line.


Our Mt. Adams Fire, just to the North, is nearly twenty thousand acre's burned and 65% contained with area's not containable due to rugged terrain. It is encircling the mountain and burning everything up to the snow line, endangering the town of Trout Lake, and the Yakima Indian Reservation. It has already burned down several campgrounds and has closed the Pacific Crest Trail.
Our Milepost 66 fire is finally contained and is in mop-up mode, but still burning and smoking. Where oh where is our Oregon rain?!


There are five hundred head of range cattle trapped in the Mt. Adams Wilderness which they are going to attempt to drive down through the burn area. All I can say is good luck with that guys, because cows don't like fire, and you have to drive them with horses and they don't like fire either.

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The fire closest to me is called the milepost 66 fire, Hood River, Oregon. There are some pretty awesome pictures of it posted on line.

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