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I love the super human strength it takes to keep them in the tub and soaped up, then while rinsing them off, keeping them positioned so that they don't have the ability to shake themselves off, thus splattering an otherwise clean bathroom with animal enriched soap glops.
Your poor pooch looks so sad and abused! I know that look. It is intended to make you feel so guilty that you will not attempt another bath until their stench makes your eyes water. When your friends come over and say, "What is that horrible smell?!", you fain ignorance of there being any at all, when everyone knows it is the dog.
There is nothing like scrubbing doggy dirt rings off your tub either.


Just as well you don't have a great Dane then.


Off subject I know, but I have been following the news about the super storm that's supposed to hit your area. I hope you have battened down the hatches and will be safe and your doggy too.

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