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Ah yes, there is nothing like the unenviable opinion of lower lifeforms. I think I would have asked them if they were on crack?! But then again, given their canny observations, I would have already known the answer. There were some douche's present alright, but they weren't in the paintings. Sorry you had to suffer it, but that's what comes of trying to have a moment of quiet contemplation.


Well, as you said, it may actually have been the correct answer to the question about the identity of the subject of the painting.

Mary McCaffery

I think you are brilliant. But re: your political comments, vote Democrat! The lesser of two evils. It's important this time. These are SCARY REPUBLICANS.

american fez

Thank you for taking the time to say so, Mary. It is much appreciated. As for politics, well, I always say I'll vote for whomever promises to slash military spending and not invade other countries ... but, alas, no-one ever does so I remain one of the disenfranchised.

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Looks like I got redirected here from Nov 2013 article. Nevermind - it's still great to read your older entries.
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