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Have you ever wondered how a dog that size can take up so much room?! Just try sitting next to it and you will find that the canine couch potato has expanded to such a point as to leave you no room to sit whatsoever.


I have the funniest memory of a night sitting with my canine couch potato, she had eaten something that did not agree with her and as a consequence she passed gas. She sniffed the air, leaped from her place on the couch, and gave me the most evil look, as if trying to make me feel like I was to blame for the stinky incident. I could have laughed until I cried, but my eyes were already watering from the smell.

belstaff españa

True, and well put.

american fez

Dogs definitely occupy a different spatial reality than humans. They are like the Slinky toy in that respect.

belstaff españa

633A."It was over 50 miles from where we went in the water," Henderson

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