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C. Van Carter

You should have asked them if they had Martha Washington's boxing gloves.


If you want to listen to someone fume during one of these, "historic tours," just take along a Native American, as a traveling companion, like I did a few years ago. He spent the whole time snorting in irritation, at the guides speeches, of how our wonderful forefathers brought freedom to America. He finally couldn't stand it any longer and said very loudly, "Not to my ancestors they didn't." I could have died laughing, but just managed to keep a straight face.


The look on the face of the tour guide was priceless.


When I went to visit Mt. Vernon, some years ago, they took so long blathering about the interior of George Washington's house, and what he had touched, there was no time to visit his gardens. They make you stay with the tour, so I couldn't go see them on my own. I had gone there to see the gardens, but was forced to worm my way, jam packed with all the others, in the stifling heat, through a house full of antiques, you could have seen in any quaint eastern museum. Next they took us to see his tomb, and again had us standing there, in the heat, while they prattled endlessly. When they finally stopped, our tour bus driver declared we were behind schedule, and must leave immediately. I was certainly steamed, both literally and figuratively.

american fez

You didn't miss anything: bunch of turnips and some cabbage


Thanks, that certainly makes me feel better. Since I now know that I was, "steamed," for nothing. lol

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