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Mia Wolff

we're waiting...


Walk softly my friend, as the Inuit are still very much alive, and very proud of their culture. They were once a large group of indigenous peoples, inhabiting the Arctic regions from Greenland to Russia. That they are now reduced to their present numbers, is yet another sad saga, in our history. Do not ill use them, or make fun of their main source of pride, which is the breeding of dogs. They have some of the most beautiful dogs in the world. The two main breeds being, the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. These were indeed breeds derived from breeding wolves with domesticated dogs, but are far from your description, as some silly, "Wolfpoo."
I think you should change your story, and be a bit more culturally sensitive. What ever you do, do not repeat the word Eskimo, this is the Inuit equivalent of the, "N" word.
It is a good thing you live in Boston, because this post, out here, could get you gutted with a gaff hook.
Are you trying to piss off the Natives?!

American fez

I appreciate your concerns. But dear HP was no friend to cultural sensitivities, and it his story of similar name to mine, that is my inspiration. Obviously I gave nothing but respect for the Inuit and their chosen way of life, but the spoof blog is no place for sincerity.

C. Van Carter

Don't finish it. Igbert getting eaten by floridly described creepy-crawly would be too much for me.


I think you're right.

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