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P.J. Kehoe

you answer the "whatever" of your last sentence
with "usurps" - which is exactly the name I've needed to build my business into the Uber of soup-servers . "U-Surps - a U-Turn Away from the Ordinary"??? Am I just a dreamer ? You seem kindof
educated and aristocratic and stuff - so do you know any soup recipies you could lend me ? Any MONEY would be good too . Thanks.


Soup? I steal all my recipes from Campbells. They print them on the side of their cans: a dead giveaway.

As for money, well, you might be able to tell from my recent posts that we are all feeling the pinch these days. But I could be persuaded to invest in a crowd-funded soup enterprise if they was a decent bowl of mulligatawny in the offing.

Peter J. Kehoe

So I AM just a dreamer! I sure hope I'm not the only one and that someday you'll join me. I won't even insist that you bring your cheque-book.

What ? "Mulligan's TAWNY" ?? As opposed to . . . ginger ? Anyway, I'm sure that it's your jealousy at my having discovered the brilliant soup-service brand-name - yes, the very one that you yourself spelled out, right under your own snobby nose - your jealousy that drove you to FIB that you're "feeling the pinch these days".THAT's a claim from way back, when you'd blog about your ( fun ! ) compulsion to ride the T in overtight trousers !

Anyway, I hope Mulligan's going to do well for himself eventually and that you reconsider Usurps/U-Surp/L'Usurp as a great investment idea and that you can train yourself to be less hateful/hurtful/jealous/stingy toward innocent fauna like me.

Thanks ( ?? ).

You should revive some of the adventure-description series from the old days. "Lil MBT&A" was a gas !! ( Do you still have those trousers ? )


Unfortunately the world inspires little whimsy these days. I miss the care free days of writing absolute nonsense, my brain being only able to conjure gloom and doom wrapped in a thin veneer of nonsense.

Your own imagination, however, appears to be on the rise. Perhaps writing a blog is in your future? (although, full disclosure, I wouldn't recommend such a chore to anyone)

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