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December 14, 2004


Mrs. Peperium

I'll take three. Do you have any of those forged iron cages for husbands to put on their wives heads? The kind with the spiked tongue depresser for when wifey uses an irreverent tone? That's the perfect Christmas gift for Mr. P.


I'm only doing Victoriana. Nothing medieval!

Outer Life

Warms my heart it does, to think of the realistic screams emanating from the lunatic asylum on the fringe of your village, the stench of the foetid pools of raw sewage slowly seeping into the picturesque lanes, the cute little rats scurrying hither and thither, and the steam rising from the tiny little vats of boiling urine over by the tanner's yard.

Do you already have the orphanage?


Orphanage, workhouse, blacking factory, tin mine, they're all in the works.


Sounds like what is really needed in your scenario is a replication of the Great Fire of London. Unless, of course, my English History memory has failed me and the Great Fire couldn't take place because it pre-dates your Dickensonian house era.
If that's the case, then marauding dinosaurs will do the wrecking havoc trick. My personal choice would be Stegasaurus as it would fit easily in the quaint English alleys.


Yes, the Great Fire of London was some considerable number of years prior to the events depicted in my model village. Still, a good fire is always welcome if it burns some poor weavers out of their miserable thatched cottages.


Oooh! Shiny!


thank goodness, it's nice to know i'm like all the other mother's.

are you going to start selling your new collection - we mother's also have halloween collections.



I think my Christmas and Halloween collections are pretty much the same thing!

gold ira

Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thank you!

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