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July 17, 2006



"Powerful and important, [bestselling novel] is a beautifully written and richly imagined novel that reverberates long after the turning of its final page. It should be read, it must be read." - Anna Quindlen

Basil Seal

Be sure to announce that you are gay, or, at least thinking about it, in the middle of the interview...Sure to boost sales...


A celebrity murder always helps.

Mortimer Shy

It's all luck and you people are all jealous.


I am not gay - although I know a celebrity murder victim who was.
But Mortimer is right, I am jealous of those who have their egos massaged on NPR - my own needs some vigorous massaging as we speak. Yet I don't think this truth detracts from the fundemental crapness of the books being peddled.


I refuse to jump in on the NPR bashing. It beats having to fool around with the shortwave radio all the time for alternate somewhat unbiased radio programs, especially when one is driving a fuel tanker careeming down I87 between Lake Placid & Albany. Frankly, I wish I'd be able to catch CBC on my radio dial, but that's another complaint for later.

What I wanted to ask here, a tangential NPR to public radio question is this.
In my area of the woods, we listen to Philly's PBS outlet, WHYY. They have proudly been pronouncing (it seems everytime they recite their call letters, in fact) that they are broadcasting in HD radio. Do you know anything about this. I mean, have you ever listened to HD radio? Is it something worth considering or can I simply turn my bass and treble dials to the max and I'll get the similar sound without shelling out the big bills.

Just asking. Seriously (no, not Serius-ly).


I've never been able to figure out HD radio either. My guess is it's HDTV's little, ugly, retarded brother.

WRTI is also available in your area, and they play classical music and really cool jazz. If you're tired of the nattering of PBS, try RTI.


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