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October 02, 2006


Edward Williams

Yes, alot of mental anguish has resulted from such metaphors as: the road of time. As if we were travelling through it, rather than it hitting us in the face as we stand still, facing backwards yet! And the confusion of history with clocktime.

eddy I'll be

how odd! dreamwise, my baboon had set up a miniature golf course in our living room. How well I was scoring when one of the less accessible cups on the hole affectionately nicknamed "The who's afraid of vagina wolfe", I suppose because of the broken gin bottleglass that is the major obstacle, suddenly transformed into Ava Gardner's buttocky chin dimple. Very disturbing and yet strangely alluring,..It was then that I grabbed my trusty 12-gauge putter and well, the rest is herstory.

Mortimer Shy

eddy (rorosen?)
I fear you don't quite have the knack for this punning, though it is interestingl to watch you try to imitate the master. May I once again suggest you get your own blog, so you can develop your talents out in the open. You probably will flourish if you are up against the idea of a real audience.


well, Mort, thanks for the 'encouragement'. I just travelled to your blog and reminded myself why I so enjoy Stephen's musings. I don't respond here in order to sharpen my skills or to amuse other visitors or heaven's forbid to compete with stephen. Evidently you perceive blogging as some sort of manly art of exposure. Feel free to continue to expose yourself then. I comment here in gratitude to Stephen's efforts which are full of good humor and surreality. Instead of replying Haha I signal my appreciation with a verbal lift of the glass, perhaps sometimes with the same 'spirit' as he has poured. But there really is no need for your critiques. I am not trying to drag myself into the big time by hanging on stephen's coattails. Your comments are puzzling, simultaneously belittling and didactic.
Unless of course you are trying to snatch a loyal reader away from Stephen? If so, shame on you,..

Mortimer Shy

Cool it, rososen. Evidently I do think people who are bloggers are exposed as such. Don't give me this "loyal reader" bull. You don't even get what you are reading!


well, I suppose I will then have to employ less obvious pseudonymns when replying on Stephen's blog if I am to discourage sad old men from engaging in condescension. Unless you can possibly learn to control these urges,..


hey now ... let's not be daft you people.

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