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December 21, 2006



Ha ha, brilliant. But no magi?


I was thinking along the lines of "The Adoration of the Maggots" - but then, nah, it is Christmas after all.


January is the cruellest month--credit card statements, no forgetful snow, just rain, thanks to the greenhouse effect, and my leaky convertable top makes me fear death by drowning. Full fathom five my wallet lies; know where I can get some fragments to shore up my ruins? Fortunately, if I drink enough, not only do my eyes become pearls, but I no longer hear Madam Sosostris hacking in the next room from the cough she hasn't been able to shake for two weeks.


Are you sure TSE didn't write this? Was it discovered among his unpublished writings? It sounds just like his work.

I like it.

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