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July 07, 2007



Who can think about stopping global warming when Genesis is out there needing stopping?

Edward Williams

It's all about the mercury.


"And besides, any Earth worth saving would surely have opened up and swallowed the lot of them."

I love that statement. I might have to borrow it someday.




I don't know about losing the will to live. Ten minutes of that lumbering, overblown, power draining parade of bloated musical anachronisms was enough to have me yearning for the very horrors that they were supposedly warning us about. Climate change, environmental collapse? Bring it on - NOW!

Peter Horne

Good stuff.
Here's my own take on it. Pardon the clumsy satire.



oops posted my agloopy in the wrong spot! Threw my back out and so the challenge post didn't get up until now. These cupcakes were great. So sorry for the delay. hope I can still play along!

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