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November 19, 2007


Dr Maroon

Don't know about Keats and his urns but see them steps right? Me and me mate did the interail once it was dead good and when we got to Rome which was pretty boring right? we sat ON THOSE STEPS, yeah? just because everyone else was sitting on them, just like in your picture out the window, we met two girls from Uppsala? total crackers by the way, model material, they took a drink off us but that was all, not even second base outside, but yeah, Rome.


Girls you want? Try the Via Appia Antica after dark.


In my limited experience doing the rounds in Italy, most IMPORTANT buildings, specificly the churches, had a body part or two of the church's namesake somewhere within the building. Did you espy any part of Keats while in his house? And, no, I really don;t need to know what part. Just a note that you did see a part.

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