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September 14, 2010



Don't you need a train car for that? Or aren't we talking about the treaty after WWI?

american fez

No, the actual treaty was signed in the Hall of Mirrors. Although I do have a vague recollection of a train being significantly involved, but in what capacity ...?


In those days the Hall of Mirrors was also used as a train station, hence the confusion.

american fez

Next stops for this train: Mme de Sevigne's Bedroom; Mme de Sevigne's Bedroom East; and Chamber of the Sun King. Tickets please!


@American Fez: then probably the German commanders surrendered in a train car.
Hitler had that same train car transported to the spot where the French had to surrender to the Germans in 1940, to humiliate them.

Chris Dowd

For men in this country- there seem to be only two things they are able to discuss in any depth- NFL football- and war trivia (all manner of- from weaponry to battle strategy.)

Some time ago I stopped pretending that either interested me and the results have been surprising. At a cookout recently when I was asked what I was doing for "the game" the next day I said loudly "I don't care about the Patriots and I don't watch football". A couple of people were incredulous- like I had just killed their puppy or something- but a few others were like- "yeah- me too!" It was like they were happy someone else said it finally! And of course nearly every woman there agreed with me. Then- when the subject of war came up- as it always does- with a buddy of mine babbling about some war hero from WWI he heard about who killed "25 guys" in a trench and lived until he was 101 or something- I asked him if he thought that 101 year old on his deathbed was proud of his kills in that war and his piece of tin medal? He looked at me like a hurt puppy dog and said- "yeah- probably not".

american fez

Thanks for the comment, Chris, and congratulations on your liberation. People will never believe that you don't care about what they care about. In my case it's politics: don't give a damn, don't vote, and it drives people crazy.

The Anti-Gnostic

Chris - can you find out who that vet was and where he's buried? Maybe we can go piss on his grave. I bet he liked football, so we can shout, "How you likin' football now, bitch!," while we're doing it. I bet his tin medal is all rusted an' shit too.

american fez

I don't think Chris meant any disrespect to the soldier, T A-G, but to those of us who spend too much time watching the Military Channel. And he has a point there.
Still, I'm glad it provoked that comment from you: an excellent, humorously indignant riposte! One of the days there will be a war about people's views about war.

The Anti-Gnostic

I am positively bilious with humorous indignation. I am also a professional warmongerer and football fan.

Seriously. I'll send you my business card.

american fez

I only like soccer, ice hockey, horse racing and formula one motor racing. I like the idea of baseball but can't stand it in practice.


Posted on Eric,I wonder, the Administration that was aelsep at the wheel in your blaming 9/11 on, could that have possibly been the one that also had White House aides on their knees?As bad as the circumstances were under Bush in your overly active imagination youd think that he was trying to take total governmental control over America. Something that Obama and his liberal congress is well on their way to doing in just two short months.The black man doesnt bother me even though your favorite word for me is racist. The bottomfeeders do. They are there because they choose to be not because they havent been afforded the chances to rise above their squallor.I did look at Wikipedias explaination of ACORN, and then did a liltle further exploring. The various sites gave me ACORN telling me what a good institution ACORN is. Well pat me on the back Superman, did you honestly think any of those sites were going show any thing derogatory about them. An intelligent person would wonder who has to do the reasearch. I deal in sound reasoning, rational thought and common sense. I dont believe everything I hear or read from the left-media. I suggest you do the same in order to get a less one sided veiw. Thats oppressive.


Wow, thanks for the set of link from my nmeomct, this link (!) and for nmeomcting at my site.I have read you for a few years and linked you on my Rockford Bloggers post as far back as 2005 (on my Lifetrek blog). I still post a list of about 20 Rockford Area blogs, let me know if you know of others. ()Question of the day -- Mr. Obama -- If you can reevaluate your 20 year membership at Trinity Church when the circumstances change, why can't you do the same thing with something as important as Iraq?DKK


Wow. This is a pretty nutty story what with the fkcilr photos and all. I saw the photos and watched the video and am having trouble piecing a couple things together. Now, I'm no detective but I do consider myself detail-oriented and can find three inconsistencies between the video and the photos.First, the first image above shows the second guy looking to his right before walking through the door. This is not seen in the video. I watched several times while pausing and playing through the entering scene.Second, the second image shows two things: the first guy is looking up at the security cam and the second guy's face is visible, with his hat brim tilted up. In the video the first guy does NOT look up at the cam and the second guy's hat is tilted down, covering his face.Bill, is there something you're not telling us? Did they enter the building twice?Being as the two entered the building with a security card to gain access I'm left scratching my head. How did they get that? Are they employees or friends of employees? Did they theive the access card? or Was this staged (I dunno, insurance purposes?)Pardon my questioning all this but I find the evidence to be inconsistent.Good luck catching the bad guys all the same!

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