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December 22, 2011



That sounds like fun. The stuff you're not doing, I mean.

Legend has it at Midnight on Christmas Eve animals can talk. I was going to stay up, but after thinking about it I decided I'm not interested in anything they might have to say.

Merry Christmas.

american fez

I once heard a squirrel talk at midnight on Christmas Eve. it said, "Can I have some more Hanseatic gingerbum, please?" As you rightly surmise, not very interesting.
Merry Christmas!


I had a chicken talk to me at midnight once. He said, Can I borrow your toothbrush? Why? I asked. Why?! He replied. For the obvious reason! My teeth are dirty!
Me thinks someone has been tipping the lip of the eggnog container a wee bit too much.

If a chicken has teeth, and a football has feathers, how many pancakes does it take to shingle a dog house?

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Poor Stephan, consider yourself lucky. Imagine the enormity of heartburn you avoided by not partaking in eggnog wine followed by turkey wrapped in bacon tinsel! No wonder the Crown Prince has been passing purple water...

Merry ...e...festivities!

american fez

Indeed. I hope everyone enjoys whatever festival it is that they celebrate.


What a great Christmas story again, hahaha! Merry Christmas, despite of your nutritional hard times!

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