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February 15, 2012



I rather enjoyed your invocation of Gil Scott Heron near the end there.


Both Napoleon and Alexander then followed up their breakfast with a vigorous hike into battle or an all day ride on horseback. Thus pigging out for them was fine. If memory serves me right however, neither one died of old age.

american fez

The Gil Scott Heron invocation wasn't premeditated. The only songs of his I know are The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and, predictably, Whitey On The Moon. (Both of which are pretty good so I don't know why I don't know any others).

american fez

Alexander was poisoned, or so they say. Napoleon ended his days on Elba - with excellent breakfasts, no doubt -but some also say that he was murdered too.


As to Neil Armstrong, I have certainly observed him scarfing down a meal and I can attest that he loves his food. He used to show up at our family reunions on a regular basis, before his divorce, and we thought him a gas.

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