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December 03, 2012



Nice view!


Why, I know that bridge. It was only slightly upstream that a fellow oarsman and I were nearly murdered, oh, 25 years ago at the H of the C by a gang of drunken Holy Cross heavyweights. As we sauntered past, one of them, observing our school wind jackets, yelled, "Hey! You guys are easy!" To which my teammate immediately shot back, "Yeah? So was your mamma!"

[Exit hurriedly, pursued by a bear.]


I recently cruised the canals of Oxford, England in a narrow boat at a speed of about 4 miles an hour (max). It was an interesting contrast to see fast commuter trains zip across the fields and through the woods beside the canals. And to think that 200 years ago the canals were the way to move people and stuff around.

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found a galley with food, water and a phone. He called his wife, and told her to call the Coast Guard. He said he was on rig 633A


Lovely picture, what a nice commute.
The only thing I see each morning is Mt. Hood, otherwise known as the tombstone, for the number of persons who die there each year. No bridges to cross, and not much chance of anything but a flock of geese flying over. However some idiot last night surmounted an obstacle in the road, and left it there. It just happened to be a raccoon. Apparently the only thing being, "run over," here, is the wildlife.

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