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December 11, 2012



I love the image of a bunch of guys in suits throwing fish at each other's heads.


That definitely looks like a European town centre.


KJR, Seattle radio, used to play the silliest song there, when I was a kid...it went, "Bluest skies you've ever seen, are in Seattle"...This of course was an inside joke because Seattle is the original, "Grey Havens." Tolkien must have visited it before he wrote Lord of the Rings.
As to Pike Place, PETA has been trying to get the fish throwing stopped, stating that it is brutal and inhuman to treat dead fish in this way. Do they think the fish somehow feel it?!
Sorry you didn't get out to Pacific Center, go up the Space Needle, visit the sci-fi museum, glass museum, and ride on the old Mono-Rail. Tho maybe it is good you gave the latter a miss, it has been known to catch on fire.


However you got a lovely shot of my childhood stomping grounds.

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Laurent you're definitely wrong I'm afraid.
There is no other monorail in the world like Seattle Center Monorail. Seattle definitely isn't in Europe :)

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Never been to Seattle but from what I can see on the picture and what people say it seems like a great place to visit.

Zumba Peterhead

I have never been to Seattle either. Yet I could swear I have already seen this location, everything but monorail looks familiar. Is that what they call deja vu?

Sala Weselna

Nice picture, very inspiring. At first I thought it was computer-generated graphics :)

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