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June 12, 2013



J.K.Rowling: lemonade and a cyanide capsule.

C. Van Carter

That's really funny.

C. Van Carter

Nikolai Gogol: a cucumber and a glass of vodka.

Samuel Beckett: a pebble.

american fez

A lint covered cucumber pulled from the pocket of his overcoat.


Any staff writer for tanjug.rs: a meatloaf sandwich.


Green Hills of Africa, Ernest Hemingway: Rump steak of lion, & hippopotamus knuckles. Warm beer chaser.

Kevin Faulkner

So what did you think of the essay ?

american fez

The essay was excellent.

Kevin Faulkner

By the way, the city of Norwich is not located in the Fens !

american fez

In the States, we defend such ignorance and inaccuracy with the expression "close enough for government work." !


William Faulkner : Camomile tea and hog jowls (preferably from a pig of incestuous ancestry).

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